The 7 Deadly Sins of Solo Ad Marketing & How To Turn A Profit


Have you been trying to grow your home based business with solo ad marketing but you just can’t seem to make it work?

You’re not alone…

Over the past 12 months I have witnessed a great influx of advertising within the solo ad industry.

Being a leading solo ad business (Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads) owner myself, this has been great for business.

At the same time it pains me to see network marketers making the same mistakes over and over again.

I have compiled a list of the 7 “deadly sins” of solo ad marketing and have outlined a painstakingly clear lesson to be learned from each mistake.

1. Collecting Name & Phone Number On Landing Page

Every time I see a landing page that contains a ‘Name’ and/or ‘Phone Number’ field, I cannot help but cringe in disgust.

When have you ever in real life walked up to a stranger of the opposite sex on the street and the first thing you asked them for is their phone number?

The answer is NEVER.

So why would you attempt to do this on the Internet where the level of skepticism is at an all time high?

After spending tens of thousands of dollars in ad costs rigorously split-testing I discovered that for each additional field you have on your landing page you can expect a -10% in your overall conversion rate.

Lesson To Be Learned: If you want to achieve MAXIMUM results and the highest conversion rate possible for your landing page – Your landing page should ONLY contain an ‘Email’ field and only ask for an email address.

2. Executing Double Opt-In

There has and always will be debate regarding whether you should use single opt-in or double opt-in.

Each approach serves its own purpose.

After extensive testing in my own business I concluded that it is ideal to use single opt-in.

Double opt-in enthusiasts argue that double opt-in ensures that you are only receiving the most qualified email addresses.

With double opt-in each email address goes through a 2-step verification and this helps eliminate Honey Pots and reduce Spam Complaints.

I discovered that only up to 30% on average of email submissions on a double opt-in process will actually complete the process.

This is regardless of how innovative and/or aggressive the Call To Action.

There are multiple reasons why a low percentage of submissions confirm double opt-in:

1. Hyper short attention spans of web visitors
2. Your autoresponder not able to immediately send a confirmation email
3. Your confirmation email ending up in the spam folder

Let’s break it down quickly with 2 examples:

1. Buy 1,000 unique clicks, generate 40% opt-in (400 subscribers), 30% complete double opt-in, you end up with 120 active subscribers.

2. Buy 1,000 unique clicks, generate 40% opt-in (400 subscribers), single opt-in, you end up with 400 active subscribers.

Which end result would you prefer?

Lesson To Be Learned: You should execute single opt-in to maintain as low cost per click and cost per lead as possible.

Single opt-in allows you to generate a higher volume of active subscribers in comparison to double opt-in which also significantly increases your cost per click and cost per lead.

3. Not Mailing Your List Everyday

The secret to email marketing profits is to email your list everyday or as often as possible given you have content worth sharing that provides value.

A common mistake newbie marketers make is not emailing their list enough, we are faced with these two questions on a daily basis:

1. What do I email my list if I’m to email my list everyday?
2. Won’t my subscribers get annoyed and unsubscribe if I’m emailing everyday?

“What do I email my list if I’m to email my list everyday?”

Good question, the task of emailing your list every single day can be daunting, especially for newbie list builders who are just starting out with their list building.

A good place to start is to acquire the habit of storytelling and tying your story into a lesson and/or principal related to the topic in question.

A story can simply be something interesting (or even boring) that happened in your life today/yesterday/last week/last year.

The challenge is finding a way to tie the situation into how it relates to the agenda of your email which in most instances is promoting your home based business opportunity.

“Won’t my subscribers get annoyed and unsubscribe if I’m emailing everyday?”

Yes, subscribers that are of no value to your list, these are subscribers that will get annoyed and unsubscribe. These are subscribers you do not want.

A common mistake newbie list builders make is having the fear of seeing increasing numbers of unsubscribes from sending emails.

Therefore you need to understand that list building revolves around leads generated, not unsubscribes generated.

Furthermore your goal is to ensure your leads generated count is higher than your unsubscribe count at all times.

Focus on this and your list will be on a path towards growth and prosperity.

The reality is that each email address on your list is also subscribed to multiple other lists so you are constantly at war with other marketers fighting for Inbox attention.

Emailing your list everyday is vitally important to your short-term and long-term success.

The less you email your list the higher the chance your subscribers will forget who you are.

Lesson To Be Learned: You want to get into the habit of daily email writing, sharing experiences from your life in the form of a story, and emailing your list everyday.

4. Building Your List On A Cheap Foundation

A lot of inexperienced network marketers tend to think the cheaper they can buy their traffic the higher their profit margins will be.

In a perfect world this rings true but this is not the case in reality.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the cheaper the traffic the lower the quality of the traffic you can expect to receive.

The reality is that good leads/traffic cost top dollar.

Lesson To Be Learned: Remember, the cheaper the traffic, in most instances, the lower the quality you can expect to receive.

5. Paying No Attention To Your Follow Up Sequence

Email copywriting is a learned skill and is not something you learn overnight.

Home based business opportunities nowadays provide you with a plug-and-play follow up sequence template to combat the difficulty of email copywriting.

I advise against using a plug-and-play follow up sequence template if it is provided to you for the following reason(s):

  1. Email Service Providers will penalise you based on duplicate email content and if you and every other member of your opportunity use the same follow up sequence, your deliverability will be punished.

With that said, a strategic and well crafted follow up sequence is the secret to endless automated income with list building.

99% of web visitors/subscribers will never buy your product/service/opportunity on the first interaction.

Lesson To Be Learned: It is vitally important that you are following up with your subscribers either through a strategic and well crafted follow up sequence or daily broadcasts or both.

6. Chasing Instant Profits

This is in my opinion the deadliest of the 7 sins of solo ad marketing, chasing instant profits.

Inexperienced advertisers expect every solo ad marketing campaign to be immediately profitable and that is how you grow a business.

Whilst turning a profit with any paid advertising campaign is the ultimate end goal, your goal should be to aim for breaking even.

What does breaking even mean?

To break even means that you made a 100% Return On Investment on your ad cost which also means that all leads were generated for free.

The reality is that most solo ad marketing campaigns WILL NOT be profitable by the end of the campaign.

Profitability of a solo ad marketing campaign is determined by a multitude of variables to factor in in relation to the sales funnel being used.

A common scenario for an experienced and highly successful advertiser is to initially turn a loss on a solo ad marketing campaign but after their follow up sequence and back-end kicks in they experience a windfall positive return on investment.

I like to call this a “slack adjuster” meaning that once you know your numbers you know how long it will take to break even and turn a profit from a solo ad marketing campaign.

Lesson To Be Learned: If you want to turn a profit with solo ad marketing and grow your home based business then a deep sales funnel with back-end mid-ticket to high-ticket offers that are proven to convert are the type of company offers you want to promote.

7. Deceptive Subject Lines

Use a deceptive subject line once and your subscribers will fall for it BUT at the same time you will breach that level of trust between you and your subscribers.

As a result the next time you send a regular email or an email containing another deceptive subject line your subscribers are less likely to respond.

A deceptive subject line or click baiting will produce a higher overall response but at the same time it will destroy all trust and credibility between you and your subscribers.

Lesson To Be Learned: You do not want to use deceptive subject lines or click bait your subscribers in attempt to produce maximum response as this will result in an unresponsive list.

These are the 7 most common mistakes I see advertisers make time and again with solo ad marketing.

Now you know what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

So go out and make these changes and report back to me via the comments section below and share your results.

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