How To Craft The Perfect Solo Ad


Want to maximise your return on investment with solo ads?

I’m going to help show you how to craft the perfect solo ad in 2 minutes or less.

Everything you have learned when it comes to writing emails for solo ads is WRONG!

I’ve been fortunate to have had the pleasure of connecting with and opportunity to hang out with a network marketing legend sometime ago.

Some of you may know “him”, some of you may not.

His name is Daegan Smith and he is known as “The King of Never Calling a Single Lead”.

Credit goes to Daegan Smith for discovering what works and sharing this formula with the community.

The funny thing is that this formula holds true today and for the foreseeable future but I see the majority of network marketers that utilise solo ad marketing fail to craft a “winning” solo ad, watch the video below now:


The 2 Minute Solo Ad Formula

Here is a proven template and the only template you will need to be able to always craft a perfect solo ad:

Subject: How To X In Y Free...

If you're sick and tired of X, Y, Z then this will be
the most important email you ever read because...

"Insert Headline From Your Landing Page Here"

-> [Link]

Here is an example of the template turned into a solo ad ready email (as seen in the above YouTube video):

Subject: How To Earn $4,240 In 30 Days Free…

If you’re sick and tired of cold calling then this will be
the most important email you ever read because…

“You’re About To Learn The Secrets That Most Network
Marketers Will Never Know About Using The Internet
To Create Lifelong Financial Independence”


There you have it!

This is literally all you need to know when it comes to writing emails for your solo ad marketing that converts into more leads and more sales for your home based business.