How To Identify A Legitimate Solo Ad Business


The truth is that 98% of Solo Ad businesses straight up SUCK!

You have more than likely already learned this the hard way by spending your hard earned advertising dollars on “dud” Solo Ad sources and have nothing to show for it.

I know the feeling…

I know how frustrating it can be to buy Solo Ad after Solo Ad to the point where it feels like you are going from advertising your home based business to gambling.

I’ve been there and done that.

And now I want to share with you my 6-point checklist that I use to help me identify a legitimate Solo Ad business.

The 6-Point Checklist To Identifying A Legitimate Solo Ad Business

1. Ownership social proof
2. The quality of website design
3. The quantity and overall quality of testimonials
4. Channels and ease of communication
5. Overall market reputation
6. Do they talk the talk AND walk the walk?

1. Ownership Social Proof

Above all else and before I even consider going through the rest of my 6-point checklist, I look for a video sales letter featuring the Solo Ad business owner in question.



Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads Founded by Chris Pambos


Igor Solo Ads Founded by Igor Kheifets


Solo Ads Agency Founded by Shaqir Hussyin

If I come across a Solo Ad business website without a video sales letter or video introduction by the founder, I will not do business with the website in question, period.

If the founder is willing to put their face out there and talk the talk it shows professionalism, confidence, and I know I am dealing with a “real” person.

2. The Quality of Website Design

There are as many Solo Ad businesses as there is sand on the beach.

First and foremost, the primary key indicator I look for is competency of website design.

Does the website I’m currently investigating look professional or cheap and tacky?

If you take your business seriously then you will put in the time, effort, and resources to ensure that the appearance of your Solo Ad business is one of professionalism.

Example of a Professional Quality Design Solo Ad Business:


Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads by Chris Pambos

Unfortunately I cannot give you an example of a “cheap and tacky” designed Solo Ad business website without offending the owner if it is recognised.

I’m going to assume you know the definition of and what “cheap and tacky” looks like…

3. The Quantity and Overall Quality of Testimonials

First and foremost I look for video testimonials then I look for video testimonials published by industry authority figures that I recognise.

If I see a video testimonial published by an industry authority figure that I recognise endorsing the traffic source in question, I am more than likely going to place an order.

Second, approximately 98% of Solo Ad business websites primarily display testimonials in the form of Facebook Posts.

This is due to 98% of Solo Ad businesses (including mine) conducting a portion of business within the “Facebook Solo Ad Marketplace” (more about this in a seperate post).

When investigating a Solo Ad business website:

I look at the overall amount of testimonials and the average results across all testimonials to help determine the overall quality of traffic source in question.

4. Channels and Ease of Communication

The good news is that 99.9% of Solo Ad business websites for the most part display communication channels you can use to get in contact with the owner.

I prefer to communicate with the business owner via Facebook and I also use this time to look into their Facebook profile.

The more “real” and “personal” the Facebook profile in question is the more confident I am in wanting to do business.

I also look for any common “friend connections” to see if they have any direct association with any industry authority figures that I recognise.

5. Overall Market Reputation

This key indicator is more difficult to identify but usually a reputable, credible, trustworthy, and established Solo Ad business will be successful to the point where you will easily find the business in question in all corners of the marketplace.

The business in question:

1. Will be easy to find and connect to across all major social media channels
2. Is transparent in all their dealings and communication
3. An undeniably proven track record of business success

6. Do they talk the talk AND walk the walk?

Once I get in contact with the Solo Ad business owner in question I put their knowledge and competence to the test by asking specific questions.

Their answers and how they conduct themselves is an indicator to help determine whether they talk the talk and walk the walk or if they incompetent.

You will find from using my 6-point checklist that:

1. A very small percentage of all Solo Ad businesses you find will meet this criteria.

This is my 6-point checklist that I put all potential Solo Ad sources through to help determine whether a business based on my criteria is legitimate or not.

What has been your experience with Solo Ads?

Please share with me your experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly in the comments section below.

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