The Power Of Storytelling For Network Marketers & Why You Need It


For generations since the creation of man storytelling has been a mechanism used to communicate and pass information down generation to generation.

In today’s modern era traditional advertising has started to take a downswing.

Traditional advertising is increasingly becoming more and more of an ineffective mechanism used to communicate and promote a businesses product or service.

Which would your prefer to consume?

Statistics, date, features, and benefits of a produce or service?


A story that takes you on a journey on how an individual started in your situation, came to acquire a life changing experience which lead them to get to where you want to be and sharing with you the solution being X product or Y service in a subtle manner?

Back in the old days the prior used to be an effective means of communication and selling.

Today the latter is becoming the most effective means of communication and selling hence the power of storytelling.

There has been numerous studies over the years that have proven that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than the cold, hard facts.

All the major brands know and understand that if they want to connect to and be invited into the consumers mind then they better have something prepared that is worthy of their audiences time and attention.

The modern-day consumer will bypass or ignore communication that isn’t relevant and doesn’t add any value to their lives.

Why You Need To Learn The Art of Storytelling

If you want to increase your online sales and profits then you need to know how to become more engaging with your target audience.

The ability to tell a compelling and emotional story that inevitably leads to the subtle sales of your produce or service.

A story cuts through the clutter by being different.

Stories are always different and distance themselves from standard advertisements.

A story is capable of connecting with us on a level that standard marketing campaigns cannot.

How Do I Tell A Good Story?

The ability to tell a compelling and engaging story isn’t something you pick up overnight.

With continued practice and application one can hone their storytelling skills overtime to eventually become a master of the art.

As there is no cookie cutter approach to crafting a compelling and engaging story there is however storytelling principles for you to adopt.

These storytelling principles will allow you to craft a compelling an engaging story from the get go, these principles are:

  • Keep It Simple – Less is more is a basic rule for good storytelling.
  • Authenticity is KEY – Be transparent and true to your story.

Adopting these two storytelling principles alone will make a huge different the next time you craft a story to share with your target audience in your marketing message.

If We Are Selling In The End, What’s The Difference?

As per numerous studies done over the years, when we read dry, factual arguments (standard advertising), we read with our “guards up”.

When absorbed in a story, we drop our intellectual guard.

Truth be told that a story is just a delivery system for the storytellers agenda which is to sell you a product or service.

A much more effective approach then drowning the audience with features and benefits.

In today’s day and age on the Internet it is a fact that people only do business with people that they know, like, and trust.

Storytelling not only builds your brand authority and credibility, but also humanises your brands.

I stumbled upon this commercial by Volvo Trucks that caught my attention.

It tells a compelling and engaging story combined with starring one of my favourite athletes, check it out below:

The absolute best method for you as a small business to thrive and to be known, liked, and trusted by your target audience is to tell your story.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts, successes, and failures with storytelling in your marketing campaign in the comment section below.

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