My Top 7 Solo Ad Sources For Network Marketers


Would you like to know where to buy your Solo Ad traffic from to grow your home based business?

Know where to buy your Solo Ad traffic without going through the trial and error of losing thousands of advertising dollars figuring it out for yourself?

You’re in luck.

I’m going to share with you my top 7 Solo Ad sources for network marketers.

These are my top 7 sources (in no particular order) based on my personal experience, results, and “obvious” market reputation, credibility, and trust:

1. Solo Ads Agency
2. Igor Solo Ads
3. TrafficForMe
4. Traffic Genie
5. Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads
6. Adam Solo Ads
7. Get Results HQ

1. Solo Ads Agency

Solo Ads Agency founded by Shaqir Hussyin in 2009.

A 7-figure (or maybe it’s 8-figure) earner in the home based business industry and top earner of multiple companies.

Solo Ads Agency is a “by application only” traffic agency and is highly recommended for the heavily bankrolled network marketer.

If you are just starting out with network marketing and you are on a “shoestring budget” then this agency is not for you because:

    • Minimum traffic order requirement is 1,000 Unique Clicks (Expect to pay $1+ CPC)
    • The overall traffic packages are tailored to heavily bankrolled network marketers
    • Solo Ads Agency specialises primarily in large volume orders

2. Igor Solo Ads

Igor Solo Ads founded by Igor Kheifets in 2012.

He (Igor) first started out in the Warrior Forum (like many of us do) selling Solo Ads back in 2012.

Fast forward a couple of years, he has risen to become one of the most reputable, credible, and trusted Solo Ads agency in the home based business industry.

He has also launched his own Podcast recently known as the List Building Lifestyle Show and his Podcast is very popular and grows week in week out by leaps and bounds.

3. Traffic For Me

TrafficForMe is a home based business industry leading traffic agency supplying countless network marketers and internet marketers across a handful of evergreen niches including:

    • Biz Op & Make Money Online
    • Internet Marketing
    • Health and Diet
    • Personal Development
    • Stocks, Forex, and Binary
    • Survival and Prepping

What makes TrafficForMe unique is that they have their own custom built high-tech traffic filtration system that filters out bot traffic ensuring you only receive the cleanest legitimate clicks for your advertising campaign.

This makes the entire process of buying traffic and monitoring campaigns super easy for the advertiser as they do all the heavy lifting.

4. Traffic Genie

Traffic Genie founded by Joel Straight and managed by Joel and his wife Thuy.

This Solo Ads agency is a very popular and well established Solo Ads agency within the network marketing industry.

You can find Joel and Thuy straight in attendance amongst the current and most popular company events for multiple companies in and around the USA.

I personally am a big fan of Joel and Thuy.

I follow the both of them on Facebook as they constantly share very educational, inspiration, and entertaining content as they travel around the world.

5. Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads

Simple Marketing Plan founded by Chris Pambos in 2015.

I founded Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads because the traffic services industry appealed to me as a business model.

I found a gap in the marketplace in offering traffic services in the mid-price range in comparison to the rest of the agencies on this list.

Not everyone can afford $1+ CPCs when just starting out with buying Email traffic so I offer a solution at providing high quality traffic at a slightly lower cost whilst finding a balance between cost effectiveness for the advertiser and a marginal profit margin for me.

Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads is growing at a rapid rate and is on its way to becoming a leading agency in the home based business industry.

6. Adam Solo Ads

Adam Solo Ads founded by Marvin Adam in 2015.

Marvin Adam is a colleague whom I have seen become a very reputable established Solo Ads agency during the same time period as Simple Marketing Plan Solo Ads.

Adam Solo Ads is a very popular Solo Ads agency amongst Digital Altitude members.

The track record and testimonials for Adam Solo Ads speaks for itself.

7. Get Results HQ

Get Results HQ founded by Justin Spencer.

This Solo Ads agency is very popular among network marketers and has deep roots in the network marketing community.

A stellar track record for sales probability and high-ticket affiliate commissions for advertisers on a regular basis.

Justin Spencer is a protégé of Igor Kheifets as he did get his start in the Solo Ads industry under Igor’s guidance to my knowledge.

I personally have undergone Justin Spencer’s coaching program and is how I got my start in the Solo Ads industry.

These are my top 7 Solo Ad sources that every network marketer must have in their arsenal.

There are as many Solo Ads businesses in the marketplace as there is McDonald’s on every corner in every country.

The difference is that where every McDonald’s you visit you can expect the exact same quality in food and service, not so much with Solo Ads.

In closing, any and every Solo Ads “agency” you come across that didn’t originate from this list, you must be vigilant and do your due diligence in researching and confirming the legitimacy of the business you are considering doing business with.