The Ultimate Landing Page Template For Solo Ads


Imagine never having to be stuck for ideas ever again when designing a new landing page template for your marketing campaigns.

Is there a one size fits all landing page you can use?

Surprisingly, there is.

The landing page is the most important component of your sales funnel.

Without a high performing landing page, you will convert less traffic into leads, less leads into customers, which means you make overall less money with your home based business.

Tech Investor, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author & Speaker Alex Becker has formulated a landing page template that generates 80% opt-in rates in any niche:


The 80% Opt-In Landing Page Template by Alex Becker

I have personally put this landing page template to the test and I can confirm that it does hold true to it’s 80% opt-in rate.

Alex Becker was running a Facebook Ads promotion for several months sometime in 2016 promoting this landing page template but has since stopped the promotion.

You can also see a live version of the 80% Opt-In Landing Page Template here:


Unfortunately the Thank You Page is no longer active so upon opt-in you are redirected to a broken link.

The good news is that I have saved a copy of the template which you can download here:

Click Here To Download The 80% Opt-In Landing Page Template By Alex Becker

There is a catch!

The 80% Opt-In Landing Page Template is an OptimizePress template.

Without OptimizePress the file you download will be of no use to you.

You have three options in order to recreate this template for use in your marketing campaigns:

1. Invest in a copy of OptimizePress
2. Recreate the template yourself using good old fashioned HTML/CSS
3. Hire a coder to recreate the template for you

It’s a shame because the original download was accompanied by an excellent video by Alex Becker walking you through the psychology of the template.

This post was will be updated in due time with a video from yours truly (me) walking you through the psychology of why this template works so well.

If you have OptimizePress, go ahead and download the template now!

If you don’t have OptimizePress, like I said, you got three options at your disposal…

Go out, put it to the test, and report back with your results by posting in the comment section below.